The Museum School

lleadership BOARD seeking a treasurer The Museum School is accepting nominations for a Treasurer on its Board of Directors. The officer position begins in July 2015. Candidates should be certified public accountants and have strong project management skills as well as experience in financial projections/forecasting. The submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. EDT, Sept. 30, 2014. Position and Submission DetailsNomination Form   BOARD overview The Museum School Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the academic program of The Museum School of Avondale Estates is successful, that the school’s program and operation are faithful to the terms of its charter, and that the school is a viable organization. The Board of Directors generally meets on a monthly basis, as does each of the seven Board-level committees, described below.  Board-level committees include both Board and non-Board members.  Meetings are open to the public and new committee members are always welcome.  Please contact the respective committee chair to participate.  Upcoming Board meetings link.   board-level committees  Academic Excellence – Chair, Mark JoynerWorks with the Principal to define academic excellence, ensure that all Board members understand the charter promises made to the community and the authorizer, and devise clear and consistent measures to monitor these goals. Communication – Chair, Patti GhezziResponsible for communicating news from The Museum School to relevant audiences.   Development – Chair, Matt KnoopRaises funds to meet the budgetary needs of The Museum School Facility – Chair, Josh AndrewsOversees implementation of Phase 2 of the temporary facility plan, and selects, acquires, and/or renovates a permanent facility for The Museum School. Finance – Chair, Veny AleksandrovWorks with Principal and Business Manager to create the annual budget; monitors implementation of approved budget on a regular basis and recommends proposed budget revisions.  Recommend policies for management of The Museum School’s assets. Governance – Chair, Andy HuffResponsible for matters pertaining to board recruitment, nomination, orientation, training, and evaluation of Board members in accordance with the Bylaws and policies and practices approved by the Board. Personnel – Chair, Mark JoynerAdvises Board on matters pertaining to personnel administration and staffing; hires and evaluates the Principal.   board of directors CHAIRAspen Kronaspen.kron@themuseumschool.org VICE CHAIRAndy Huffandy.huff@themuseumschool.org TREASURERVeny Aleksandrovveny.aleksandrov@themuseumschool.org SECRETARYPatti Ghezzipatti.ghezzi@themuseumschool.org Josh Andrewsjosh.andrews@themuseumschool.org Rick Clarkrick.clark@themuseumschool.org Bill Elekbill.elek@themuseumschool.org Josh Hornejosh.horne@themuseumschool.org Mark Joynermark.joyner@themuseumschool.org Katherine Kelbaughkatherine.kelbaugh@themuseumschool.org Matt Knoopmatt.knoop@themuseumschool.org Jesse Lincolnjesse.lincoln@themuseumschool.org Yolanda Silveriyolanda.silveri@themuseumschool.org Carla Smithcarla.smith@themuseumschool.org Bert Thorntonbert.thornton@themuseumschool.org   Advisory Board Members Mary Lamb, Adela Yelton, Tish Craig, Jenifer Cooper-Melia, Amy Crownover, Sasha Webb, Tamara Shipley, Brian Deutsch   IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Avondale Education Association Articles of Incorporation Avondale Education Association Bylaws - Adopted February 2010 Audit Report for Year Ending June 30, 2010 Audit Report for Year Ending June 30, 2011