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Museum School students may bring lunch from home or order a hot school lunch.

WE URGE YOU TO PLEASE FILL OUT A FREE AND REDUCED MEAL APPLICATION BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU DON'T QUALIFY. You will earn 1 volunteer hour for filling out this 1-page application. Click here for the online application.

Health in Mind

Meals are prepared off-site and brought to the school daily. Lunches comply with the National School Lunch Program for nutritional content. Our vendor is Preferred Meals, which provides meals for $4.00 each.

Our Payment and Tracking portal,, is fully functional now!  Please register your student/s in the portal, it will allow you to track their school lunch activity.

February Lunch Menu

Volunteer to help in the lunch room!


We are excited about our new lunch vendor and tracking and payment software.  Both of these will be online shortly and will provide much improved service and keep families better informed.  

These improvements come with some slight changes in how lunch is ordered and paid for and we want to prepare everyone for a smooth transition.  Please read the following points carefully!

1.  Our new vendor requires 24 hour advance ordering.  Of all vendors, this was the least advance notice needed.    We realize this is a change that requires some getting used to, and TMS will ensure that all students get their lunch while they adjust to the process of ordering ahead.  We will start asking students to place orders on Friday, for the remainder of the year.

Please be aware that starting on Friday, 8/7, students must order lunch for Monday 8/10.  This Day-Ahead Ordering will continue for the remainder of the year.  For younger students, discuss ordering methods with your student’s teacher.  Payment for lunches must occur ON OR BEFORE the day lunch is received (see #2 for information about payment)

In general, most students that purchase lunch do so daily, so this change will not be significant.  They simply place their "School Lunch" order with their teacher in the morning as usual, however it will be for the lunch they will need the NEXT day.

For students who only occasionally want school lunch, I recommend you view the menus posted in classrooms, the front office, the cafe, and online on the TMS website and in weekly newsletters to see what days you want to eat lunch for the next week (or even the whole month).  Then place your "School Lunch" orders with your teacher for the week (or month).

2.  SchoolPaymentPortal provides great services such as seeing your student's lunch activity and setting email notifications for when your balance falls below a certain point.  This allows you to view the information you want, whenever you want to view it- you do not need to wait for a bill to see what your balance is.

Please note that with the new portal (, if you wish to pay by credit card or ACH transfer (money pulled straight from your checking account), the portal assigns a minimum $1.00 service fee per transaction ($1.00 for ACH, and $1.00 + 2.3% for credit cards; i.e., a $20.00 credit card charge would be assessed $1.00+$0.46 in fees).  This fee covers the cost of credit card/ACH processing.  Therefore, I recommend you purchase lunches in batches, such as $20 or more, to minimize the impact of this charge.

You will not be charged any fees if you pay TMS directly by cash or check.

Also, please note that if you had a balance due or credit due from last school year, it will be reflected in SchoolPaymentPortal in the next few weeks.

3.  Bills from 1/1/15-5/31/15-  You should have received a billing statement at Open House. If you owe a balance, please pay using credit card/ACH in SchoolPaymentPortal (processing fee will apply), or by cash or check.  Thank you for supporting The Museum School's Nutrition Program!

As always, email with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to serving the students again this year!"